Coconut oil: the one ingredient that will save your hair this summer

Have you ever been to the hairdresser after a loooong summer spent at the beach, and went home with 10 centimetres less? Cried? Or at least sighed? Yes. Happened to me as well. Having thin, dry hair, I know the struggle of keeping it healthy and shiny throughout summer. Sun, salted water, chlorine, wind… all these elements contribute to damaging your hair on a daily basis. But guess what. That time is over. There is one magic ingredient that will help you protect your strands next summer. Read on to find the best hair care product for your summer days!

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Coconut oil! This ancestral oil has been used for millennia. In ancient Egypt, coconut oil was already reputed for its moisturising and repairing properties on hair and skin. Women would even apply it on their hair as a styling product!

Today, science has shown that coconut oil is one of the best natural oils for health and beauty care. Loaded with good fats, it has all the nourishing and moisturising properties you need to take care of your skin and hair, especially during summer where both easily get dehydrated by prolonged exposure to sunlight. Here are my tips on how to use coconut oil on a day at the beach. Let’s keep those strands moisturised!


Right before heading to the beach, rub a small amount of coconut oil in your hands and apply it in your hair. If the oil is solid, no need to put it in the microwave – it would destroy its properties – it will melt naturally in contact with your hands. Spread it gently, mainly on your lengths because they are the most fragile part.

Your hair should be coated with the oil but not looking too greasy (if it does, just apply a smaller amount next time!). The good saturated fats of the coconut will not only lock in the moisture of your hair, but also create a shield against all external aggressions: sun, wind, and even salted water thanks to the hydrophobic property of oil. The coconut oil will also leave your hair shiny and smelling divine 🌸


After rinsing/washing your hair, one way you can use the coconut oil is to detangle your hair. Apply a little amount on wet hair and use your fingers to gently comb your hair. This simple move is the second step to reduce hair breakage!

The second way to use coconut oil after a day at the beach is to apply it on your hair before going to sleep. Coconut has been proven to be one of the only oil that penetrates deep inside your hair, making it stronger from the core. So, it can help your hair healing from the aggressions it was subject to during the day. Again, it will coat your hair, protecting it from potential breakage due to friction against your pillow. Only apply a small amount on your lengths if you don’t want your hair looking greasy the next day.

Finally, you can make coconut oil baths for your hair. This time, apply a large amount of oil to make your hair fully coated, before washing them. To do this, take a handful (depending on the type and length of your hair) of coconut oil, rub it into your hands to melt it and start running your fingers through your hair. Start from the roots and go till the tip of your hair, making sure every strand is oily. You can then twist your hair into a bun and use a shower cap to avoid contact with clothes.

Protect with a towel for extra treatment, heat helps to open the cuticles of your hair to make the oil penetrate even deeper! Leave it on for at least 30 minutes, but a few hours work better. Then just wash your hair thoroughly. Use this treatment at least once a week when going to the beach on a regular basis, if not twice ☀️


When it comes to choosing your coconut oil, be careful to choose a 100% natural one. No other ingredient added! Many brands say they commercialise “pure coconut oil”, but they often mix it with silicones, conservatives or other similar (bad!) ingredients. So, have a look at the ingredients list before buying!

Then, there are two main categories of coconut oil on the market: virgin or refined coconut oil. The difference is that the refined oil is made from dried coconuts and heated at a higher temperature which makes the oil lose its scent and flavour. So, if you are addicted to the amazing scent just like I am, make sure to choose virgin coconut oil! I personally love Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil which is 100% natural, virgin and unrefined. Smells like heaven.

You can also use those tips after a day at the pool, it will help a lot as well! Mainly, coconut oil can be used throughout the whole year for great hair care.

Do you have any tips for protecting your hair during summer? I’d love to know!

Hope you enjoyed this article and learned from these tips, thanks for reading and don’t forget to subscribe for more summer care tips!

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