Hey there! Welcome to The Beach Muse, I’m Sophie. I come from beautiful Paris but fell in love with the Mediterranean a few years ago. Guess I’m more attracted to sunny than rainy days 🤷🏼‍♀️

I decided to create this blog to relate my journey around this beautiful part of the world the Mediterranean sea is. Its gorgeous nature, but also its culture, and the oh-so-friendly-lovely-welcoming people living there is what makes me come back every summer. If you love to discover what’s out there, but also collecting shells, eating grilled octopus, snorkelling, long beach walks & talks, getting tanned, writing your name in the sand (I think you got the point), we can definitely be friends.

I’m also quite crazy about swimsuits & natural beauty care. My goal is to share here with you the best spots around the Mediterranean, but also summer body care tips, and many bikini ideas 🌴

Enjoy the journey!


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