Hey there! Welcome to The Beach Muse, I’m Sophie. I come from beautiful Paris but fell in love with the Mediterranean a few years ago! After 4 years spent between Paris and Athens and dozens of flights later (you can imagine a quite special person was involved in the equation!), I decided to move to Greece and start a new life. It has been such an exciting journey so far!

After 2 years spent in Athens, we are now living our dream life in Zürich, where the crystal-clear lake keeps us cool during the hot summer months. And with every opportunity I get, I find myself enjoying the sun on a small cove of the Mediterranean… 🥰🌞

I created The Beach Muse to share my trips and tips around the Mediterranean sea, one of the most beautiful part of the world in my opinion! Its gorgeous nature, but also its culture, and the oh-so-friendly-lovely-welcoming people living here, make my heart so full every day and I want YOU to get to know that too. If you love travelling, but also collecting shells, snorkelling, long beach walks & talks, eating grilled octopus, summer nights out (I think you got the point), we can definitely be friends!


Thank you for being here and enjoy your time on The Beach Muse!