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Crochet Tassels Bikini Set TakkaBeach Swimwear

Do you know what I love about crochet swimsuits? You don’t have to be at the beach or poolside to wear them. Yes! Under a light camisole or with a high waisted skirt/shorts, they make a perfect match. They are one of my summer essentials, and I believe each swimsuit wardrobe should count at least one crochet bikini! So here is for you a list of the 4 best crochet swimsuit brands, made for every budget. Enjoy!

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The best crochet bikini brands


TakkaBeach is all about details! Their designs give this boho vibe and are very feminine. They offer a large choice of crochet bikinis and beachwear. You should definitely check out!


This bikini below is probably my favourite crochet set! Makes me think of a mermaid’s attire.


Looking for some cool boho vibes? MarryG is your shop. Maria customises her designs with shells, beads and coins, giving the swimsuits a beautiful boho look. Perfect for a festival look. Count 55€ for this set.

La Knitteria

La Knitteria is a cute handmade crochet swimsuits brand from Krakow, Poland. I love that all bikinis come in so many different colours and that the seller proposes custom orders. You can also choose different sizes for top and bottom which can be convenient to some and buy top and bottom separately which means you can totally mix and match! The price is also reasonable for handmade items, with all sets under 70€.

And do you know what goes well with crochet bikinis? A great tan! You can read my tips on how to get a great tan right here!

Do you have any favourite crochet brand/bikini? I’d love to hear some recommendations! Thank you for reading x