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Althea beach Athens Greece

A day by the sea is definitely the best way to cool off during the long, hot summer days in Athens. Many people I know are surprised to hear that there are beaches nears Athens, but yes! No need to travel to the Greek islands to find fine sand and turquoise sea: the beaches in Athens will surprise you with their natural beauty. In this guide, I share with you the 15 best beaches in Athens, Greece!

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The best 12 beaches in Athens, Greece to cool off during the summer


Lunch at Krabo, Athens, Greece
Best beaches Athens Greece
View over Astir Palace from Krabo beach

Public beach/beach club

One of my favourite beaches in Athens! The crystal clear sea and the breathtaking view over Zoska Bay and the Astir Palace Hotel make Krabo one of the most popular beaches in Athens. Krabo is a beach club/restaurant opened only a few years ago by the famous Margi Hotel located nearby. You will be welcomed by a trendy vibe, think house music and a chic clientele of all ages on the sunbeds! On the public side of the beach, an older crowd regularly meets and hangs out.

To avoid any unpleasant surprises, remember to make a reservation at least 2 days or even a week in advance during the high season (July-August), or come early enough to find a place to sit on the (small) public side.

Price: 50€ for a pair of sunbeds, free on the public side.

Address: Krabo, Thespidos, Vouliagmeni

How to get there: Ideally by car or taxi (20 minutes from the centre of Athens). By public transport, it takes about 50 minutes from the centre, including a 15-minute walk (metro line 2 then bus 122).


Althea beach Athens Greece

Public beach

Located 30 kilometres south of Athens, this beautiful beach is my favourite to snorkel at. The rocks along the coastline offer a wide area to explore and the clear sea calls for long swims! I love its comfortable and quiet sandy beach (during the week). On weekends, you have to get there early to find a place to sit.

There are no showers or food on site. To buy water, coffee, spanakopita or a delicious bougatsa, you can stop at the bakery “Κρέμα & Φύλλο” a little before reaching the beach (address: 63 Leoforos Athinon Souniou).

Price: free entrance

Address: Althea Beach, Leoforos Athinon Souniou 176, Agios Dimitrios

How to get there: by car or taxi (40 minutes from the centre of Athens), by public transport take the metro line 2 from the centre of Athens and the bus 122 (around 1 hour 15 minutes).

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Astir Beach

Astir Beach Vouliagmeni Athens

Credits: Astir

Beach club

The address where the cream of Athenian society meets during the long summer months! Located in a magical setting with blue lagoon waters, the beach of the Astir Palace is an invitation to relax. There are dozens of cushioned sun loungers to lay on and listen to the sound of the waves caressing the fine sand! It is not uncommon to see Greek celebrities there during the week or the weekend.

The service is impeccable (you wouldn’t expect anything less given the price!) and the menu offers many options. You can also enjoy a variety of water sports within the resort itself. And the best part: the beach is very well oriented meaning you can enjoy the sunset at the end of the day with a delicious cocktail in hand! Astir is definitely one of the best beaches in Athens (and Greece!).

Price: 32€/person entrance during the weekend, 22€/person during the week (May-October). The rest of the year: 15€/person during the weekend only. Sunbeds are included but consider arriving not too late (no later than 11am) as there may be no sunbeds available after that and you will have to wait at the bar.

Address: Astir Beach, Apollonos 40, Vouliagmeni

How to get there: by car or taxi (20 minutes from the centre of Athens). By public transport, it takes about 50 minutes from the centre, including a 10-minute walk (metro line 2 and then bus 122).


Schinias beach Athens Greece

Public beach/beach club

Located on the east coast of the peninsula, north of the port of Rafina, Schinias beach stretches for about 5 kilometres of fine sand. Many Athenians gather there on weekends to enjoy its shallow turquoise sea!

There are many public areas and a few beach clubs for those who prefer the comfort of sunbeds and lively music. I particularly like the Moraitis beach club – it has been open since 1979 and is one of the oldest water sports centres in the area! The east coast of Athens is particularly windy and Schinias is ideal for windsurfing and many other activities.

Price: free entrance, 10€ for a pair of sunbeds at Moraitis club.

Address: Moraitis Club, Poseidonos 210, Schinias

How to get there: a short hour’s drive from the centre of Athens (about 50 kilometres).

Experience Athens!

Akti Vouliagmeni

Akti Vouliagmeni Athens

Beach club

One of the most beautiful bays on the Vouliagmeni peninsula! Akti Vouliagmeni is particularly pleasant during the months of April, May, early June and September, otherwise the beach is often crowded with families with small children due to its shallow waters.

Price: 10€ per person during the high season (May-October), free sunbeds (depending on availability, best to go in the late morning).

Address: Akti Vouliagmeni, Poseidonos 2 & Apollonos street, Vouliagmeni

How to get to Vouliagmeni beach from Athens: by car or taxi (20 minutes from the centre of Athens). By public transport, it takes about 40 minutes from the centre (metro line 2 and then bus 122).

Zen Beach

Zen Beach V

Public beach/beach club

Similar to Akti Vouliagmeni, this beautiful beach offers a family atmosphere, a shallow turquoise lagoon, a great view and a Mediterranean restaurant! The left and right sides of the beach are public and you can sit there without paying any entrance. On-site, you can rent a paddle to explore the beautiful Zoska Bay.

Price: free entrance to the public beach, sunbeds are available from €25 per pair (best to book in advance).

Address: Niriides, Vakchou, Vouliagmeni

How to get there: by car or taxi (20 minutes from the centre of Athens). Parking is not free, to avoid paying you can park at the free car park on the corner of Litous and Aktis streets. By public transport, it takes about 50 minutes from the centre, including a 15-minute walk (metro line 2 and then bus 122).

Beach near Kineta/Megara (Hotel Cokkinis)

Best beaches Athens Greece
Crystal clear sea near Athens
Beach near Megara

Public beach/beach club

A beautiful pebble beach north of Athens, going towards Corinth, which gives the feeling of being away from any form of civilisation! The view over the Saronic Gulf is just magical. There, you can choose between sitting on a sunbed at the Cokkinis Hotel (right side of the beach) or staying on the pebbles (left side of the beach). Don’t forget your mask and snorkel, the coast is very beautiful to explore!

Address: 50th kilometre on the Old Athens National Road (“Palea EO Athinon Korinthou”), Cokkinis Hotel

How to get there: by car, about 50 minutes from the centre of Athens (50 kilometres). There is no dedicated car park but you can park along the street. You then have to follow the stairs (a little bit before the entrance of the hotel) leading down to the beach.

Yabanaki Beach – Varkiza Resort

Coyoacan Yabanaki beach Athens
Coyoacan Yabanaki

Coyoacan Playa

Beach club

Varkiza Beach hosts a large resort, Yabanaki, where you can find many beach clubs and restaurants. It is a very popular destination in Athens where all ages meet! The place to be: Coyoacan, an exclusive beach club where to enjoy a relaxing day on the sunbeds. At night, Coyoacan organises nice house music parties, I enjoy their cocktails a lot (but wouldn’t recommend the food). My favourite: Holy Spirit, day and night.

There is also a beach volley field and many water activities on site. In the evening, the bar Fuego invites everyone to join and dance the bachata at the rhythm of Latino songs!

To eat delicious, inexpensive souvlakia: walk out of the Yabanaki complex and cross the street, you will find a restaurant called Zaxos.

Prices: on weekdays, 6€ entrance and free sunbeds (only white sunbeds), 7.50€ at weekends + 15€ (starting price) for a pair of sunbeds.

Address: Varkiza, Vari

How to get there: by car or taxi (35 minutes from the centre of Athens), by public transport take the metro line 2 from the centre of Athens and the bus 122 (around an hour).

Asteras Beach Glyfada

Beach club

Located in the neighbourhood of Glyfada and the closest to the centre of Athens on this list, Asteras Beach offers all the comforts of a private beach: sunbeds, food, good music, all in a heavenly setting!

Address: Poseidonos 58, Glyfada

How to get there: by car or taxi (15 minutes from the centre of Athens), by public transport take the metro line 2 from the centre of Athens and the bus 122 (around 40 minutes).


Public beach

No fine sand or pebbles here, but a small bar called Lefteri’s Canteen built on the rocks surrounding a pretty cove! We like to sit on the wooden benches or on the nearby rocks with an espresso freddo in our hands and dive straight into the crystal clear waters of Limanakia. This is a very popular spot for an afternoon by the sea with friends!

Price: free! You only have to pay for your drinks on the spot.

Address: Lefteri’s Canteen on Poseidonos Avenue, Vouliagmeni

How to get there: by car or taxi (30 minutes from the centre of Athens), by public transport take the metro line 2 from the centre of Athens and the bus 122 (around an hour).

Grecotel Beach Cape Sounio

Beach at Cape Sounio

Beach club

There, you can enjoy a superb view of the temple of Poseidon and bathe in pristine waters while dreaming about ancient times! The beach is managed by the prestigious Grecotel and has a calm and serene atmosphere that makes this place truly special.

Address: 67th kilometre on Leoforos Athinon Souniou, at the Grecotel. There are two beaches, the most beautiful is the one facing south-east.

How to get there: A good hour’s drive from the centre of Athens (65 kilometres), I advise you to take the road along the coast to enjoy the beautiful view over the Aegean Sea (especially at sunset)! A few KTEL buses also run to Cape Sounio and back throughout the day, and a taxi can then take you to the beach.

Alikes (Anavyssos)

Public beach/beach club

The beach of Anavyssos is a wide bay located halfway between Athens and Cape Sounio, where several beach clubs create the perfect atmosphere to dance all day! You can also sit around the public areas and enjoy the mild temperature of the shallow sea for free.

Prices: I don’t remember exactly the prices but the sunbeds at the Hawaii Beach Bar are affordable during the weekend, and so are the drinks prices.

Address: Paralia Alikes, Anavyssos

How to get there: It takes about 45 minutes by car from the centre of Athens (45 km), again I recommend taking the road along the coast to enjoy the view over the Aegean Sea! Parking is free on site.

The nearest beach from Athens, Greece

If you want to swim somewhere as close as possible to the centre of Athens, you can try Bolivar Beach Bar (which I love for its parties throughout the week), although the sea and beach are less beautiful than in the south of Athens. A free (but often crowded) option right next to Bolivar: Kalamaki beach (15 minutes by car/25 minutes by public transportation).

Bolivar Beach Bar Athens

Credits: Bolivar

An alternative to beach days: Lake Vouliagmeni

Lake Vouliagmeni

Lake Vouliagmeni is definitely worth a visit! Even if you don’t have the time/desire to swim there, stop by to admire its turquoise water and spectacular orange-red rock. The lake is fed by the sea as well as a thermal spring, it is known to have therapeutic virtues and warm water even in winter!

Good to know

On public beaches that are half occupied by beach clubs, you always have the option to buy water or coffee to go and use the toilets if you are on the public part. This is often what I do!

Some beach clubs charge a minimum consumption fee in addition to the price of the sunbeds, so don’t hesitate to ask before you set up.

Beaches (almost) always have bins nearby, pick up your rubbish and protect nature to keep it just as beautiful ☺️

Enjoy the beautiful beaches of Athens and Greece! 💙

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Best beaches in Athens, Greece
Best beaches in Athens, Greece