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Earlier this year, I discovered the brand Thank Me Later on social networks and instantly fell in love with their natural approach. Created in Bali, TML develops sunscreens based on natural ingredients from the island. As I previously mentioned in my tips on how to get a great, deep tan, I really enjoy natural products and had been looking for a natural sunscreen with a decent price for a while, so I decided to give a chance to Thank Me Later and try their sunscreen.


The first thing I can say I was happy about was the delivery. The sunscreen arrived within 10 days in a cute satin-like bag with a hand-written note. Loved the attention! What pleasantly surprised me then was the smell. It reminded me so much of my trip to Bali and all the temples I visited there! Every time I apply it I literally feel like being back there. Totally crushing over that.

The texture is also pretty good. Of course, it’s not as easy to apply and as smooth as most well-known, chemical sunscreens, but I was happy with the result. It penetrates the skin quickly, there is no white stain, and the skin doesn’t feel greasy.

Let’s now have a look a the ingredients.

Ingredients list: purified water, stearic acid, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, UVB protection, vegetable glycerine, cetyl cetearyl, UVA protection, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, dimethicone, beeswax, aloe vera extract, cyclomethicone, lavender essential oil, fragrance, vitamin E, natural preservative.


What it actually means

After some research, I found out that most of the ingredients on this list are of natural origin. Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are two natural components which help to absorb UV rays. Nevertheless, some of them are not that environmentally friendly and can cause skin problems if overused (stearic acid, cetyl cetearyl, dimethicone, cyclomethine – the two last are silicones). And I’m still wondering what “UVB protection” and “UVA protection” actually stands for… I would appreciate if they could be more specific on that 🙂

Overall I would say that the composition is much better than the one of most well-known sunscreens. Thank Me Later is making a huge effort that must be acknowledged, and most importantly managed to create a product that is actually working (not like some other organic sunscreens I have tried…). And is sold for a reasonable price (count around 14€ including shipping to Europe). But I will still continue looking for a 100% natural UV protection.

One more word: the packaging is just great. I enjoy simple, cute, funny packagings, and this one doesn’t disappoint. Extra point to the fact that it’s made out of recycled plastic.

To sum up

  • Works well if you reapply regularly
  • Nice smell
  • Better composition than most sunscreens
  • Cute recycled packaging
  • Easy to apply
  • Reasonable price


  • A few ingredients are still questionable
  • Product only available online

Hope you enjoyed this review! Let me know in the comments below if you know any other natural sunscreen 🙂

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