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What to do while tanning

For those of you trying to get a beautiful, deep and long-lasting tan, you might be spending a lot of time under the sun and wondering what to do while tanning! While there are some moments when I enjoy doing absolutely nothing except relaxing while sunbathing, there are times when I can’t stay in place without doing anything! So let me share with you today the things I like to do while tanning.

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1. Read a book

By far my favourite activity while tanning! I always carry a good novel with me when I go to the beach and relax while reading my book. Another thing I like to read if I’m travelling is a travel guide, so I use this little time to plan my night out or what I’m going to do the next day!

2. Catch up with the last trends

Whether it is by reading one of my favourite magazines (I love Harper’s Bazaar and Condé Nast Traveller!) or scrolling through Pinterest or Instagram, I like checking the latest trends when sunbathing: bikini trends, summer clothing, new places to visit, interior design ideas… You name it!

Crochet bikini - Etsy summer favourites

3. Listen to music/a podcast/an audiobook

What’s better than listening to your favourite songs while soaking up some sun? Definitely one of the most relaxing activities. I also like listening to podcasts or even sometimes audiobooks through the Audible app.

4. Call a friend

During the summer, I often use my time while tanning to catch up with some friends! Or even if I don’t need to catch up, it always feels good to call a friend of my family. Living abroad, I spend many hours on the phone to stay close to my loved ones and I use every free time I have to call them!

5. Do a hair mask

Whether you are at the beach or in your garden, you can easily do a hair mask while sunbathing. And I’m not talking about the chemical ones you do in the shower, no: do a natural hair mask with coconut oil. Coconut oil helps to protect your hair from the sun and will leave them super shiny! I personally always apply some coconut oil to my hair (lightly!) before heading to the beach so that the sun, the sand and the salted water don’t damage my locks, and reapply every once in a while!

solid coconut oil

6. Paint your nails

This one is definitely not something to do while tanning at the beach but if you are sunbathing at the pool or in your garden, you can enjoy this time to give yourself a nice manicure or pedicure!

7. Eat fruits

I always like to have a snack when tanning. While I love everything that has chocolate, it definitely doesn’t work well with heat so I prefer to have fruits! Grapes, peaches, mango… Anything that I find refreshing.

8. Apply some tanning oil

To tan faster, I like to use my homemade tanning oil which I apply before and while tanning. When using some tanning oil, don’t forget to apply sunscreen! Tanning oils (except the ones mentioning an SPF) don’t protect you from the sun. I usually apply my tanning oil first at home, let it penetrate my skin, then apply some sunscreen on top, and reapply tanning oil later on while tanning.

9. Write something

Something I also enjoy when sunbathing is writing. I write about my day, things I want to do, ideas for The Beach Muse, plan the rest of my week… I always carry my journal with me (I absolutely love the ones from The Inspired Stories) even at the beach!

10. Enjoy a drink

When tanning, you have to stay hydrated. While water is the obvious solution, I like to drink something a little more fun but still healthy! So I add some cucumber, lemon slices, and sometimes fruits into my water bottle. Or have a juice! In the morning, I also enjoy having a cold espresso while at the beach.

11. Learn a new language

Do you know the app called Duolinguo? I used it to learn Italian while I was doing my Erasmus in Rome and use it from time to time to improve my skills in Greek. Take advantage of tanning to learn a new language or improve your skills in one you already know!

12. Tan with a friend

Finally, the best thing to do is to invite a friend to the beach or to your place when you plan on staying in the sun and enjoy each other’s company!

Something you shouldn’t do while tanning: sleep!

If you fall asleep while tanning, there is a high chance you will end up sunburnt and as red as a lobster! So my advice if you want to relax: always put an alarm on your phone to avoid sleeping in the same position for too long.

This is how to pass time while tanning! If you have any recommendations of other things to do when tanning, I’d love to hear them! Let me know in the comments below ☺️

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