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Are you moving abroad in Europe or planning to travel to Europe and wondering what you are going to do with your bank account or credit card? How are you going to pay in shops abroad without having exorbitant fees? I got you, I’ve been there too. I was looking online for weeks at different options traditional banks are offering for people moving abroad, getting completely lost between blog posts comparing various offers.

Opening a bank account abroad can be a tricky decision to make since you might not know for how long you will be staying away, and probably don’t want to get bothered by the (extremely) long and chaotic process it is. Once again, I’ve been there too.


So what you need is a really flexible solution, that you can use no matter the country you are living in. And a cheap one. I thought a solution like this one was too good to be true until a friend of mine introduced me to Revolut. After weeks of trying to open a bank account here in Greece, I was ready to cry when I learned how easy it was to open a bank account with Revolut.

I ended up opening both my Greek bank account and my Revolut account on the same day – one took me 3 weeks of preparation, while the other literally less than 15 minutes. So look no further! Revolut is (so far) the best bank for people moving or travelling abroad. Let’s dive into why!

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Revolut used on iPhone, the best credit card for Europe travel




1. Revolut is completely FREE

Yes, that’s right! Revolut is a FREE bank account! The bank offers several paid plans, but its most basic, which largely covers all your banking needs, it completely free. No monthly or yearly management fee. The only cost to cover is 5,99€ for the card delivery, and that can even be for free if you register through my referral link! When opening the account, you will be asked to make a first transfer/top-up of 10€ to activate it, but this money will then be available on your account.


2. Free card payments and money withdrawals

No need to worry anymore about withdrawal fees or to have to withdraw cash before going on a trip. With your Revolut card, you can withdraw money at any ATM for free (on Revolut’s side, however, some ATMs might charge you their own fee), up until a certain sum which depends on your country of origin. In the US it is $300 per month while in Europe 200€, or 5 ATM withdrawals. After that, Revolut takes a 2% fee on any withdrawal you make.

And when you pay by card, it doesn’t cost you anything, no matter where you are in the world and without any limit. Revolut doesn’t take any commission when traditional banks charge 3,2% on average on every payment you make in a foreign currency.

I was recently in Zürich, where I used my Revolut credit card charged with euros and bought some things in Swiss francs at no extra cost. The money is automatically converted from one currency to the other at the best exchange rate. For that reason only, Revolut deserves to be called the best credit card with no foreign transaction fees!

And if that wasn’t enough, Revolut also lets you top-up your account in different currencies.


3. Extremely fast and easy money transfers

This is where Revolut really came off as a lifesaver for me. Last time (and the only one) I made a transfer from my Greek bank account to my French one, it cost me no less than 17€. Talk about a scam. Now Revolut has a feature that allows you to top-up your account with any credit card without going through a transfer! That’s just brilliant!! And the money instantly appears in your account.

This feature is also available to easily send money to friends, making Revolut a great solution for money management when you travel as a group.


4. A credit card that helps you save money

If you haven’t read my article about how I save money to travel more often, you should! There I explain in details how one of Revolut’s features can help you achieve your monthly savings goals 🙂


5. Get offers and cashback on travel expenses

Revolut has a “Rewards” feature where they partner with different kinds of brands each month to offer you discounts or cashback on your purchases. Recently, there has been a 10% discount on for every purchase made with a Revolut card on their website. And this is only an example of what they offer!

Revolut offers and cashback


Which credit card is the best for international travel?

So right above I mentioned that Revolut is the best credit card for Europe travel. But what about international travel? Well, everything I said above is also true for international travels! No additional fee when you pay by card nowhere in the world. You can have a look at all the fees (which are literally none if you use your card smartly) charged by Revolut here.


Is it better to use cash or credit card in Europe?

In 2021, there is no really better option in Europe, you can use your credit card in most shops all over Europe even for really small purchases (like 1€). However, I would always suggest keeping some cash with you, especially if you plan on visiting a small village in the middle of nowhere in Greece! It will be more appreciated if you have some cash to pay with. Also, speaking from my experience in Greece, you can often negotiate a discount in local shops when you offer to pay by cash 😉

Overall, Revolut has been working really well for me. The app also helps me a lot to track my expenses here in Greece or whenever I travel abroad! So what are you waiting for? Open your free Revolut bank account in less than 15 minutes by clicking right here!

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